This program is the result of a combination of educational efforts of the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics (Ukraine) and Bratislava University of Economics and Management (Slovakia), operating since 2017 and aimed at training specialists in the field of analytics and informatics.

The joint Slovak-Ukrainian Master’s program “Business Analytics and Information Systems in Entrepreneurship” is a response to the contemporary needs of society. This program provides students with an in-depth understanding of business contexts and technical developments that shape modern information and communication technologies and enables them to address the challenges of analytical work in the IT industry to provide career advancement.

Today, there is a demand for specialists who combine competence in applying intelligent information processing systems and computer systems, the use of modern software products, IT technologies and technological tools in professional, in particular, entrepreneurial activity with the competence of business analyst for substantiation and decision making in The management and business sectors are the main trend of demand in the national and international labor markets.

The main benefits of participating in this international educational program are:

  • Possibility to receive two master’s diplomas (Ukrainian and European models) at once;
  • Possibility of receiving a scholarship for studying from leading IT companies in Slovakia;
  • Possibility of obtaining additional certificates in the professional IT sphere;
  • Guaranteed internship in IT companies in Slovakia with the aim of acquiring practical skills in European campaigns;
  • In-depth study of English and Slovak languages.

The program is taught in Ukrainian, English and Slovak.



  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, S. Kuznets KhNUE of Economics (Ukrainian Standard);
  • Master’s Degree in Business Analytics and Information Systems in Entrepreneurship, Higher School of Management and Public Administration in Bratislava (European Standard).

Training process organization

120 ECTS (4 terms = 2 years):

1 and 2 semesters students study at S. Kuznets KhNUE of Economics – (60 ECTS)

3 and 4 semesters – Industrial Practice and Internship (60 ECTS) students are in Bratislava (Slovakia) in leading IT companies.

List of documents required for enrollment

In S. Kuznets KhNUE
  1. Application for enrollment in S. Kuznets KhNUE.
  2. CV (in the Europass format load the template).
  3. A copy of the passport.
  4. A copy of the identification code.
  5. A copy of the bachelor's degree and the appendix to the diploma.
  6. 4 photos 3х4.
  7. If you are a student of S. Kuznets KhNUE - a certificate from the dean's office about continuing education.
In the Higher School of Management and Public Administration (Bratislava)
  1. CV (in the Europass format load the template).
  2. 2 photos.
  3. A copy of the foreign passport.
  4. A copy of the diploma and/or excerpt from the diploma.
  5. A copy of the bachelor's diploma and an appendix to the diploma with an official translation in English (notarized).
  6. Motivation letter (in an arbitrary form, please explain the interest in the program and how the graduating results may help in further professional activities).