(Українська) Партнери

The main partner of the program is the Slovak Association of IT Companies (ITAS), which guarantees:

  • One-time cost reimbursement for the first year of study at KhNPU. S. Kuznetsov (for the contract form of study) provided that student receives an average academic achievement score above 74 points;
  • Production training (internship) for 3 months at the leading IT companies in Slovakia in the summer after successful completion of one year of study at KhNUEU. C. Smith for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses in Bratislava;
  • Payment for studies at the Graduate School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava for the second year of study at EUR 1700 and payment of a scholarship at EUR 200;
  • Payment for additional courses (study of programming languages, courses of Slovak, etc.);
    Guaranteed employment with leading IT companies in Slovakia for 2 years after successful completion of the program.

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